Recently, I volunteered to help our client, Smári Organics, at a food investor’s fair. Manage the sample table. Deliver the spiel. Invite people to try the yogurt.

I don’t mind. I get to meet customers, see how the brand is being received, see which pitches get the most traction.

A young woman approaches the table. We start talking. Turns out she’s an art director working with one of the other companies.

Small world! I introduce myself, tell her I’m an ad guy — and she gets the feeling she knows me somehow. We try to figure out the connection. No luck.

A half-hour later, she comes back.

“I figured it out! I went to ad school in from 2000 -2002. I used to pore over the award show books. I literally studied everything you did!”

I pause. I’m wearing a promo t-shirt, holding a disposable spoonful of Smári yogurt. What else can I say? “Well, that’s…you gotta try the yogurt.”

It’s a brave new world, birthing a small agency. I love it.